Beth's Preemie Boy's Bunting

Preemie Boys’ Bunting
By Beth Koskie (c) 2002

This pattern is inspired by a pattern for a girls’ gown done by Christine (Tina) Daugherty, originally at the web address

Having tried the pattern for a girl, I was convinced there had to be a way to adapt this for a boy, and after playing for a while, here’s a bunting version for a large preemie boy. Thanks, Tina, for the original pattern inspiration!

Worsted weight yarn (3.5-4 ox) (I used Caron Simply Soft, baby blue)
Size H hook

Stitch pattern for skirt (worked on even number of stitches):
Row 1: Sc in next st (skip first one, as ch 3 counts as that stitch), *dc in next st, sc in next st, repeat from * across, ending with sc st, ch 3, turn.
Repeat row 1 for pattern, working sc in dc stitches, and dc in sc stitches, to form a “shell” pattern.

Starting at neckline, chain 31.
Row 1: Starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across (30 sts), ch 1, turn.
Row 2: 2 sc in each sc across, ch 1, turn (60 sts).
Rows 3-4: Sc in each sc across, ch1, turn.

Row 5 (shape armhole): Sc in 10 sts, ch 5 and skip next 10 sts, sc in 20 sts, ch 5 and skipnext 10 sts, sc in last 10 sts, ch 2, turn.
Row 6: Dc in second st and next 8 sts, 2dc in st just before armhole chain, dc in 5 armhole chains, 2dc in st just after armhole chains; dc in next 18 sts, 2dc in st before second 5 armhole chains, dc in 5 armhole chains, 2dc in st after armhole chains, dc in last 9 sts, ch 3, turn (64 sts)

Skirt of bunting:
Work in pattern above until the bunting is 13” long from neck to bottom. Do not end off.

Ch 1, turn piece sideways and work row of sc up one side of back, around neck, and back down other side of bunting; join to first sc, and end off.

Connect with slip stitch to middle stitch of underarm, ch 3 and work 21 dc around (22 sts), do NOT join, ch 3 and turn.
Work pattern stitch above for 8 rows, end ch 1 turn.
Lacing row: Sc, *ch1, sc, repeat from * across, ch1, turn.
Sc in each st and space back across, end off.

Make second sleeve same. Do not sew sleeves shut, but cut a narrow ribbon (white or blue) about 12” long and weave through lacing row, tie shut to gather.

Fold bottom in half so two sides touch to find center stitch of bottom row. Holding that center stitch (or marking it), fold the two edges in so they overlap the edging sc rows on top of that center stitch and pin it. Lay the piece flat again and attach yarn to right edge with slip stitch, making sure to catch both layers. Ch 1, sc in both layers across to close, making sure to go through all three layers for center stitch. End off and weave in all ends.

Cut length of ribbon about 24-30” long and weave through dc row under armholes, from back to back; you can gather this slightly to narrow it at the underarms and tie shut in back. For smaller ties down back of bunting, cut strips of ribbon 10-12” long, fold in half and use crochet hook to pull through center loop and pull ends through the loop to “catch” the ribbon and knot it. Do this on both sides in 2-3 more locations. You’ll be tying the double ribbons into bows to close the back.

Front View:

Back View: